• Sara Pesko

Letter from the Editor

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Dear Quid readers,

Welcome (back)! I hope that by now you’ve all had a chance to adjust to in-person learning and settle into your normal routine.

My name is Sara Pesko and this is my second year as Editor-in-Chief of the Quid. This year’s volume will be run by myself, Co-Editors-in-Chief Mark Townsend and Chris Ciafro, as well as a brilliant team of Copy Editors, Layout Editors, Columnists, a Social Media Manager and an Art Director. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about each Quid member in our weekly “Meet the Team” articles.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received many great questions from you regarding what the Quid is and how it works. Below, you’ll find the answers to those questions, as well as some additional information.

In this week’s issue you’ll find reflections on in-person classes, homesickness, hockey, and so much more. Happy reading!

What is the Quid?

Founded at the Faculty of Law in 1981, the Quid Novi is a weekly journal that is run by the students and for the students. The Quid is meant to serve as a platform and creative outlet for all law students to articulate their ideas, comments, and opinions – legal and non-legal alike.

Can I send in a submission if I’m not a columnist?

Absolutely! The success of the Quid relies on you, the student body, sharing your thoughts. I’d strongly encourage each one of you to submit at least one piece to the Quid before you leave the Faculty.

What types of submissions do you accept?

One of the most unique things about the Quid is that it does not have specific criteria for the style or content of submissions. In the past, we’ve had submissions in the form of poems, articles, short stories, cartoons, announcements, lyrics, photographs, and the list goes on. Whether you want your submission to be serious, controversial, or comical – the freedom lies with you!

Do you still accept “overheards”?

We do! Did you overhear something funny or bizarre on campus? Did your professor say something funny that’s too good to keep to yourself? Do you have an interesting anecdote? Share it with the Quid!

How do I submit an article?

You can send your submissions to quid.law@mcgill.ca by 5:00 p.m. every Thursday in order to be featured in the following week’s issue.

Is the Quid available only online?

The rumours are true, the Quid has officially moved to an online-only platform. However, the Quid team is working hard to get a website up and running that will hopefully be more reader-friendly than our current PDF format.

How often does the Quid publish a new issue?

A new issue is released every week, on Tuesday morning.

Where can I find the latest Quid issue?

You can follow us on our Facebook page Quid Novi – Droit McGill Law to stay up to date with the latest Quid Novi issue or keep an eye out for the Quid in the LSA’s The Brief email that is sent out each week. We will also be launching an Instagram account in the coming weeks.


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